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4 crucial questions you need to ask your employees every week

Do you manage a team? Did you know there’s one behaviour you can change that will improve your relationship with each employee? The answer is simple – spending more time having one-to-one conversations with them.

“In the end, it's about what employees need from you, not what you need from them. When you are curious enough to find out what's going on with your team members, how they feel about things, what they're working on, and what support they need, you show that you care. They, in turn, feel valued, empowered, and give discretionary effort that will raise productivity.” Marcel Schwantes (Principal and founder, Leadership From the Core - full article here:

It’s about having transparency from both parties – and managers need to lead the way by modelling transparent behaviour. By creating a culture of honesty, and putting your team at ease, you’ll encourage employees to be more open and transparent in return.

Once this has been established, you can increase employee engagement by asking these 4 important questions every week:-

1. How would you describe your work experience this week in one word, and why?

Give people the freedom to express themselves. Their answer will increase your understanding of their thought process

2. Tell me about a good day of work you had recently. What does that look like?

By asking this you’re helping them to reflect on a positive experience at work: what they enjoyed, and how it engaged them. Once you know what this is, you can work on replicating the experience more often

3. List three things that motivate you to do your work each day

This provides some great insight in what each person enjoys about their work

4. What is one thing that I could do to make you more productive?

The key here is to give people time to process the question. If they can’t find an answer, try asking them about the last time they didn't enjoy their work. What could have been done to make it better?

Marcel summarises that these questions can help get to the heart of the people you lead. You can find out what really motivates them, and ultimately how they can be more productive.

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