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6 top tips to motivate yourself and your teams at work

Here at Passion For Performance, we have been working tirelessly over the past month helping our clients develop bespoke training and development plans to improve team engagement.

It is apparent that alot of managers struggle when times are tough to keep themselves motivated and their teams. So besides from drinking lots of coffee and eating plenty of sweet treats which can only help so much - the question is, how else do you keep yourself and your team motivated when under pressure?

No matter how you‘re feeling, it is your responsibility as a manager to ensure your teams feel like they are supported and motivated to undertake the work assigned to them. By actively thanking them for their good work and always focussing on the bigger picture, you are likely to keep your own and your team’s motivation levels up throughout the good and the bad times.

Lack of motivation is one of the biggest factors that impacts your overall team, this is why training and development is so important. We found an interesting Forbes article on employee motivation, that stated- “Only 2 in 10 employees strongly agree that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work.”

If your teams can see that your business is putting in the effort with their training, the likelihood of them leaving is vastly reduced.

So to help you, we have created our 6 top tips to motivate yourself and your teams at work:-

  • Have open communication with your team and your own manager - Honest, frequent two-way communication between workers and managers, including constructive discussion of workplace issues is key. It provides an open and safe space for you or your team to air issues and agree a solution to move forward

  • Think about how you can provide challenging and exciting work - Ensure every employee has a development plan and is periodically asked to rate the degree of job excitement – it makes a big difference to motivation

  • Create opportunities - Reward managers for developing their employees and make sure that employees are held accountable for following through on their individual learning plans. “Businesses with a strong learning culture enjoy employee engagement and retention rates around 30-50% higher than those that don’t” (Robert Half)

  • Reward and recognition- Make it clear what the incentives are and reward fairly across the team, simple things such as a ½ day off, or an extra Christmas shopping day. Small incentives make the biggest difference. Reading a recent business wire article it stated “86% of HR Leaders say an employee recognition program benefits employee relationships.”

  • Control over the job - You've employed your staff to do a job, so let them do it. Trust people to be able to shape the way they work under your guidance

  • Reporting- Provide employees with periodic reports on the effect their projects are having on the business so they know their work makes a difference and expect your manager to do the same for you 

Keeping yourself and your team motivated in your workplace is the key to creating a happy and positive work environment, you can create the change and help set the standard with robust training and development plans.

We hope these tips help you keep up your motivation levels and your teams, to create a happy and fulfilling environment. We offer 1-2-1 coaching, personal development planning and run bespoke workshops, to help improve team engagement. If you want more information on our services, come and say hi by emailing us at

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