How to write a good CV with Passion For Performance

Here are our 5½ tips to writing a great CV.

A good CV is a CV template that shows you in your best light, and doesn’t get lost in the pile. Here are our top tips for getting both spot on. If you do your best to write a good CV which is relevant to the job you are applying for, you are on your way to success! 1. Beat the bots Make sure you’ve got at least 80% of the experience listed in the job ad. Firstly for practical reasons: you’ve got a much better chance of landing the job. Secondly for technological reasons: a lot of organisations use algorithms to sift through CVs, and if yours doesn’t have enough of the right keywords it’ll be discarded right at the outset. 2. Play snap Put at least one, concrete achievement against every skill or piece of experience the job ad calls for. This helps give a basis to a good CV. 3. Make it pop Every CV uses words like ‘team player’ and ‘good interpersonal skills’. Avoid them at all costs. Your CV should sound like you. That means sounding clear and human, not cold and corporate. 4. Two’s plenty Long CVs make recruiters’ hearts sink. That’s not a great first impression. Stick to two pages at the most – one if you can. And break up the text so it’s an easy read. (If you’ve got a friend with an eye for design, get their input too.) 5. Get it checked Typos have a nasty habit of being almost invisible to the person who wrote them. So ask a friend to read your CV once you’re done. They’ll point out anything glaring, and give you a sense of how well you come across too. 5½. Write a killer cover letter that is relevant to the job If the recruiter’s asked for one, follow this structure: - Why you’re applying - What you’ll bring - How you’ll bring it Simple. Good luck with those applications. We’d hire you in a second. If you would like personal coaching to help prepare you for those new applications, then contact us.

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